Fellowship Program

“Developing the Negotiation Assistant has been a transformative experience that has enriched my skills, broadened my perspectives, and equipped me with the tools to excel in the world of modern NLP. The blend of challenging assignments and excellent instructor guidance make me grateful for the opportunity to be a part of DSML and I highly encourage aspiring data scientists to consider joining the team in the future.”

Adrian Alan Pol

Ph. D, Physics, Princeton & CERN

Are You An Academic With A Quantitative Background?

Our fellowship is designed with you in mind, to help transition you into a world where your work can have maximum impact and find a career that suits your needs.

It comes in 4 different parts.

Lectures and Units

Curated Instruction on industry best practices and how to model in a commercial context.

  • Learn SQL best practices and how it's used in industry. Constant practice on useful queries and business use cases.

  • The foundational modeling techniques, taught with an industry first lense.

  • Introduce yourself to cloud technologies, servers and unit testing to put products into production.

Full Stack Data Science

Work through an end-to-end data science problem where you conceive, construct, analyze and deploy all the necessary aspects of a data product.

  • Data collection and storage, and pre-processing to get it ready for analysis.

  • Decide on choice of models, using business logic to guide your decision making.

  • Deploy your model with MLFlow, AWS and Flask to make it an end-to-end product.

Elective Period

How would you like to specialize? The elective period is an open-ended section where you choose your own adventure.

  • Finetune your MLOps skills by taking existing models and monitoring their performance.

  • Work on mature code bases with projects that have real users and sophisticated design patterns.

  • Work on a project that's been requested by a client and get experience doing something that has real stakes.

Custom Hiring Support

Your academic background gives you unique skills and insights to help you thrive in the labor market. We'll help you find your unique edge.

  • Talk with industry veterans on how to prepare yourself for interviews and best present yourself to companies.

  • Specialized support on defining your career narrative and figuring out how your academic background is impactful.

  • Get your resume reviewed and updated to highlight your background. Ongoing support from staff and fellow students.

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